Gorgeous mountain view of Kidd-Brewer Stadium

October 2021: The View from Up Here!
Nov 8, 2021

As the beautiful visions of autumn fill our hearts and minds with a sense of awe and appreciation, we pause to take in the sights,...

WCS receive a visit from Yosef!

September 2021: A Region to Celebrate!
Oct 6, 2021

  As we bring back students and staff this year, we are also bringing back celebrations, events, gatherings, sports, traditions, and opportu...

Back to School 2021: Together Again!
Sep 14, 2021

Welcome back to the 2021-2022 school year! This year, we are starting off our year TOGETHER in almost all of our classes, schools, and ...

June 2021: Setting and Reaching Goals!
Jul 8, 2021

As we watch the preparations for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, we can't help but be inspired......

May 2021: Hats Off to YOU!
Jul 8, 2021

You have officially made it through the most challenging school year in American history, I have no doubt! ...

April 2021: Learning Loss or Learning Gained?
Jul 8, 2021

There's been a great deal of talk around what has been lost in our schools and with our students over the past year. ...

March 2021: Better Days Ahead!
Jul 8, 2021

Warmer temperatures, budding flowers, longer days, and fewer layers help to lighten our spirits and give us hope for better days! ...

February 2021: Rolling Up Our Sleeves!
Mar 24, 2021

Many of you will roll up your sleeves in the coming weeks to receive a long awaited solution to this tragic virus that has taken away the lives of man...

Kids build snowmen in front of RCOE

January 2021: Continue!
Jan 31, 2021

In a year that has many people hoping, dreaming, and planning like never before....2021 has A LOT to live up to! ...

Snow covered App sign

Nov/Dec 2020: RCOE Public School Partnership: A Time-Honored Tradition!
Dec 7, 2020

In a season where traditions are cherished, isn't it nice to know that our PSP has been a tradition for the past 33 years!? ...