Fall 2023: Recruiting for the Cause!
Dec 13, 2023

We are all in the business of finding future educators! 

Back to School 2023: Rhythm and Melody
Sep 25, 2023

As you engage in another year with the RCOE Public School Partnership, we hope to add rhythm to your work--bringing you consistent resources and programs you have come to depend on-

Spring 2023: Get on the Bus!
Aug 2, 2023

Our theme this year in the Public School Partnership is "Innovations in Action".

Pictures of connected groups.

Winter 2023: Making Connections!
Feb 13, 2023

I love attending events across our state and making visits to local schools in our Public School Partnership di

Fall 2022: A Seat at the Table
Dec 7, 2022

My goal is to take a seat at the table whenever I am called in and to ask for a seat at the table if I think I can add support, resources, or...

BTs at the Academy at Middle Fork

Back to School 2022: Investing in the Future!
Sep 18, 2022

I want to welcome back all of our Public School Partners to another year of hope, promise, and investment!

Innovation Expo!

Summer 2022: Innovation in Action!
Aug 12, 2022

 On June 14, 2022, 14 of our Public School Partnership PSUs and 6 business partners/sponsors came together to showcase unique innovation

 Students and speech therapist from Appalachian State Academy at Middle Fork

May 2022: The Fruits of Our Labor!
Jun 20, 2022

Yes, victory is sweet and the fruits of your labor can taste even sweeter when you have worked hard, planted seeds, and cultivated success. 
Planting Seeds! TC Conference in 2022

Spring 2022: Planting Seeds!
Apr 20, 2022

Where were you when you realized that you wanted to be an educator? Who were you with? What was your AHA moment? 

February 2022: Layers of Support!
Mar 9, 2022

 To all of our PSP teachers out there reading this--know that your support network of friends, parents, district leaders, sponsors

January 2022: New Year, New Message!
Feb 9, 2022

The Reich College of Education began the new year with a positive and encouraging convening of educators!

 Pictured above: Mr. Brandon Winbush's Watauga High School Honors Chorus, Dec. 6, 2021

Holiday Edition 2021: In Harmony and Unison!
Jan 2, 2022

 The hills are truly alive with the beautiful sounds of music this season! 

Gorgeous mountain view of Kidd-Brewer Stadium

October 2021: The View from Up Here!
Nov 8, 2021

As the beautiful visions of autumn fill our hearts and minds with a sense of awe and appreciation, we pause to take in the sig