Mountaineer Readers

About the Mountaineer Readers

Since 2007, participating students from the PSP's 11 districts, as well as the Appalachian State Academy at Middle Fork and the RCOE Anderson Reading Clinic, read books of their choosing during the summer months and record their reading on a  log provided by App State Athletics/RCOE. Students then submit the log into their school’s media center coordinator the first week of school.

The RCOE processes a tally sheet from each participating school and announces the top readers in grades 1-2, 3-4, and 5 in each district. In general, grades 1-5 are recognized from the Appalachian Academy at Middle Fork and grades 1-8 are recognized from the Anderson Reading Clinic. These top readers and guests are typically invited to Appalachian's annual Education Day football game.  This year, Mountaineer Readers will be recognized for their reading achievements during Appalachian State University’s Education Day football game on Saturday, November 13, 2021. 

The overall top readers were:

  • Alexander County
    Grade 1-2: Macey Walker
    Grade 3-4: Aubrey Powell 
    Grade 5: Jacob Huffman 

  • Alleghany County
    Grade 1-2: Elizabeth Flowers
    Grade 3-4: Kayden Billings 

  • Ashe County
    Grade 1-2: Keilon Reedy 
    Grade 3-4: River Poplin 
    Grade 5: Braeden South

  • Avery County
    Grade 3-4: Tatum Cooke 

  • Burke County
    Grade 1-2: Eduardo Esquicel Romero & Gemma Franklin (TIE)
    Grade 3-4: Claire Huffman 
    Grade 5: Nolan Russ 

  • Caldwell County
    Grade 1-2: Carmen Masciarelli 
    Grade 3-4: Zackery Winebarger 
    Grade 5: Jenna Griffin 

  • Elkin City
    Grade 1-2: Merrick Russell 
    Grade 3-4: Kamdyn Tilley 
    Grade 5: Sadie George Wagoner 

  • Lab School WSFCS
    Grade 1-2: Luke Williams 
    Grade 3-4: Arley Espinoza-Caballero
    Grade 5: Neyralit Garcia-Panchi

  • Watauga County
    Grade 1-2: Adelaide Lancaster 
    Grade 3-4: Emory Kerns 
    Grade 5: Sawyer Cade Blackburn 

  • Wilkes County
    Grade 1-2: Aaleigha Hodge 
    Grade 3-4: Colton Cannon
    Grade 5: Mallory Cockrell

Check out this great article to read more about this exciting celebratory event, and look for news about winning classroom and winning school celebrations in upcoming PSP Newsletters! Email Dr. Rosenbalm at for questions on how your students can participate in the future!