Innovations in Action!

2022-2023 Theme: Innovations in Action! 

Our PSP theme this year will be "Innovations in Action!".  In all of our discussions and in all of our decisions, we will seek to honor, include, and celebrate all opinions and perspectives as we serve our region together.  We will seek to identify, elevate, collaborate, and scale each contextual innovation shared in our Partnership PSUs to learn from each other and celebrate each other. My prayer is that the RCOE PSP will be "first" in your mind for the support you need, when you need it! As we continue to problem solve for our schools and communities, I am committed to being there for our partners in a way that is most beneficial. Through the support, resources, collaborative projects, visits, coaching, celebrations, and shared communication efforts we will experience together, it is my hope that we will all grow stronger together for the sake of our students.

Desired Results & Outcomes: 2022-2023

  • To build a better community 

  • To attack problems as a team

  • To provide equitable solutions to common needs 

  • To engage and empower students and teachers in building their own community 

  • To create solutions that we all benefit from


Dr. Betsy Rosenbalm

Director of the Public School Partnership, RCOE