ASU Stem Events


Photo Event Name ASU Name & Email
Public Outreach at ASU’s Dark Sky Observatory: Physics and Astronomy Caton, Dan
   1. ASU Participation in the NC Science Festival, 2. Nanoscience outreach with nearby K-12 schools and the general public: Physics and Astronomy Coffey, Tonya
 Hardin Creek Partnership Sustainable Development / Biology England, Laura
Project SMILE (Science and Mathematics Integration for Literacy Enhancement) Curriculum & Instruction Goodson-Espy, Tracy
North Carolina's Wind for Schools Program: Appropriate Technology Guttenberg, Chris
McKinney Geology Teaching Museum; Fred Webb Outdoor Geology Laboratory: Geology Heckert, Andy
Optics and Photonics Outreach Physics and Astronomy Hester, Brooke
Fields of Grain, Concrete Jungles: Environmental Socialization Health, Leisure & Exercise Science James, Joy
The Climate Action Network through Direct Observations and Outreach (CAN-DOO): Geography and Planning Kelly, Ginger
Geologic Materials from Outer Space (NC Space Grant): Geology

Mallard, Laura 

Math Club at Hardin Park (EM, KM, CF, TL) County Math Contest for grades 4-6 (EM, KM, CF) FLL Robotics Competition (KM, EM) A Vertically Integrated Mathematics Partnership (EM, TA, KM, TL) Mathematical Sciences Marland, Eric
STEM and ICT Instructional Worlds: The 3D Experience: Leadership and Educational Studies Matzen, Nita J.
1st Annual NC Gravity Games (Soap Box Race): Physics and Astronomy Ramsdell, Carla
Bringing Stars Closer to Students Physics and Astronomy Sitar, David J.
Appalachian Student Experience-based EDucation (AppalSEED) Academy: Biology Tuberty, Shea
Summer Ventures in Science & Mathematics (SVSM): Math and Science Education Center Tyler, Lori
The Cove Creek Elementary Outdoor Environmental Area Geography and Planning Van de Gevel, Saskia
IGCP 596 Climate change and biodiversity patterns in the Mid-Palaeozoic (Early Devonian to Late Carboniferous) Geology Waters, Johnny
CS4HS: Computer Science Wilkes, James
Appalachian Microscopy and Nanoscience Outreach: Microscopy and Nanoscience

Coffey, Tonya

Additional STEM Efforts
Professional Development in math and science for K-12 teachers: Math and Science Education Center Johnson, Phillip
Academy of Science High School Internship Program Computer Science Tashakkori, Rahman
USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant: ACE PROGRAM 2010-2012: Geography and Planning Van de Gevel, Saskia
Show-and-tell of the brain for kids Psychology Zrull, Mark

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Availability of Wind Energy Resources for Schools   

Please visit the North Carolina Wind Energy website for more information:

Attend a wind workshop and you can get a class set of Kid Wind models; three-four teachers are needed per session. For more information please contact Eric Burgoyne.

The Wind for Schools program, sponsored by the DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory, aims to install small scale wind turbines for educational use at schools throughout North Carolina. The program encourages the incorporation of renewable energy education into the K-12 science curriculum. Appalachian State installed four turbines in 2011 at schools in the mountains including Alleghany High, Avery High, Watauga High, & North Wilkes Middle.

ASU Science Videotapes

Title Presenter Video Link
Human Wonder Research: The Electric Pickle Jeff Goodman Video
Human Wonder Research: Inertia and Flying Eggs Jeff Goodman Video
Human Wonder Research: Transfer and Conservation of Energy Jeff Goodman Video
The Crushing Power of Air Jeff Goodman Video
October Science Demonstration (coming soon) Jeff Goodman
The Evolution of Evolution (coming soon) Howie Neufeld
The Brain as a Meat Machine (coming soon) Jeff Goodman
How will we feed 9 Billion People? (coming soon) Marty Root