County Representative - M.S. Representative - H.S.
Alexander   Eric Walker 
Alleghany    Mitchel Reedy
Ashe   Christina Pennington
Avery   Hank Williams
Burke   Caroline Butler
Caldwell Anna Lee Potter Leta Hartley
Elkin City Holly Simmons  
Watauga Eve Parsons and Angela Bland  
Wilkes   Jennifer LeBlanc
ASU   Dr. Tracie Salinas 

News and Projects


This group has been busy tackling NC Common Core Standards.  The group divided into high school and middle school to look at the trajectory posters provided by ASU’s Mathematics Department; these posters show how the standards progress through middle grades and high school. Based on the trajectory posters, each group continued to look at troublesome vocabulary that may have different meanings in different areas as well as common vocabulary that is used throughout the grade levels. The middle grades group looked at how effectively vocabulary in Number Systems, Operations and Introduction to Irrational numbers was introduced and carried through from 6th grade to 8th grade.  The high school group continued to address vocabulary and concepts in Math 1. They organized notes into a tree formation to visually show the progression of concepts and vocabulary. They took each category and broke vocabulary down into verbs and conceptual terms then continued to break down into abstract and concrete concepts.

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