International Outreach


Pakistan and U.S. Educational Exchange in Watauga County

This February, teachers and principals at three schools in Watauga County along with three representatives at Appalachian State University travelled to Pakistan in an on-going exchange program with HITEC (Heavy Industries Technical Education City) in Taxila, Pakistan.  Hardin Park, Green Valley, and Watauga High School hosted students, teachers, and principals from HITEC in December of 2012.  The initial visits were to introduce partner schools and allow time for cultural exchange experiences.  The visit to Pakistan allowed the participants to continue to engage in cultural experiences and to develop plans that involve blending U.S. and Pakistani educational standards into common lessons and activities. Students at all sites will work on lessons that can be successfully shared through internet communication such as Skype, Moodles, and email.  In the fall of 2013 Pakistani students, teachers, and principals will once again visit their U.S. partner schools to complete the joint educational projects.

Principal, Mary Smalling, said, “This project has allowed our students to work with international students in an educational setting that promotes growth in academics and cultural understanding.  Our hope is that by building these relationships and increasing positive communication between our students now, we will increase their patience and understanding of each other in the future.  These young people are our future adults who will be leading our global world.”

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21st century student outcomes and support systems

21st Century Student Outcomes and Support Systems

  • Life and Career Skills
  • Learning and Innovation Skills: 4 Cs
    • Critical thinking
    • Communication
    • Collalboration
    • Creativity
  • Information, Media, and Technology Skills
  • Core Subjects: 3 Rs and 21st Century Themes
  • Standards and Assessments
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Professional Development
  • Learning Environments

The elements described in the graphic above are the critical systems necessary to ensure 21st century readiness for every student. Twenty-first century standards, assessments, curriculum, instruction, professional development and learning environments must be aligned to produce a support system that produces 21st century outcomes for today’s students. One of these is the student outcome “Learning and Innovative Skills” which includes the description below: 

Communicating and collaborating with teams of people across cultural, geographic and language boundaries—a necessity in diverse and multinational workplaces and communities. Mutually beneficial relationships are a central undercurrent to accomplishments in businesses—and it’s not only top managers who represent companies anymore. All Americans must be skilled at interacting competently and respectfully with others.

The Public School Partnership is working with area schools to connect globally through several projects in collaboration with the Office of International Education and Development at Appalachian State University.  Through this collaboration Partnership students and teachers have had opportunities to connect with Pakistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia , Ecuador, Egypt, Haiti, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.