Coordinating Council Members

About the Coordinating Council

The Public School Partnership Coordinating Council structure is currently in transition and will continue to be evaluated to focus more on the school districts' needs.  Currently, the tentative plan is to have quarterly meetings regionally with school district representation (defined as Teacher of the Year, Rookie Teacher of the Year, and an aspiring leader in each district.) The quarterly meetings will be held virtually or in the RCOE building at Appalachian State with each district having input into the work with the university.  This structure would build more capacity in each school district and allow the university to provide resources, as needed. After a meeting and a vote from the PSP Governing Board in September of 2020, the PSP Director would like to propose a change to the name of the Coordinating Council to reflect the leadership capacity and representation in the group. The proposed name is "Partnership Leaders Council" or the PLC.