Arts and Education Outreach

The Arts at Appalachian: Overview of Arts Education and Outreach

the arts at appalachianAppalachian State University's arts education and outreach program is committed to connecting university arts resources to a diverse audience of community arts patrons, teachers and learners in the campus community, and in the public, private and home school network across our region. In doing so, we strive to broaden and deepen arts experiences for audiences of all ages, while ensuring access to the arts for young audiences, building future audiences for the arts, and inspiring a love of learning through the arts.

In an effort to provide comprehensive education and outreach to the Appalachian State University community and the surrounding region, Cultural Affairs programming will be expanded through the following activities:

Curricular Connections

Using live performances and exhibitions to engage current university students and their professors, we aim to enhance classroom lessons through study guides and reference materials that connect educational objectives and standards to programming via the Performing Arts Series and the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts. This concept is extended to K-12 students and their teachers in the form of study guides that connect to the Common Core and North Carolina Essential Standards and serve to broaden and deepen the artistic experience for young audiences.  Additionally, a workshop series will be offered to Reich College of Education majors that will directly relate to the current performance series and featured visual art exhibits.

Arts Integration Training/Professional Development for Teachers and Faculty

K-12 teachers across our region, as well as faculty and students at the Reich College of Education (who are preparing for placement in area schools) are offered a variety of arts focused workshops for Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Training for education majors and faculty will focus on arts integration, while complying with state-mandated changes regarding the preparation of all elementary education majors to integrate arts education across the curriculum.

APPlause! K-12 Performing Arts Series

As an integral part of the Performing Arts Series, we offer a variety of performances at venues across campus that feature university-based artists as well as local, regional and world-renowned professional artists.  These affordable performances offer access to a wide variety of art disciplines for K-12 students. The series also offers the opportunity for students from the Reich College of Education to view a field trip in action without having to leave campus.  Students are also welcome to attend performances and to serve as ushers for these performances. Study guide materials and opportunities for campus tours will be offered to those interested in attending performances.

Click here to go to the APPlause! website

Click here to view the APPlause! K-12 Performing Arts Series Flyer

Tours of Campus Arts Facilities/TCVA Docent Program

Arts facilities at Appalachian are available for group tours and can be accompanied by study guides that are age/grade appropriate.  Whether it’s a backstage tour at the Schaefer, or viewing world-class art at the Turchin Center, these behind-the-scenes glimpses into campus “arts spaces” are fun and exciting. Grants to cover the cost of a bus ride to and from campus may be provided by the Arts at Appalachian to promote increased travel to campus by area schools.  Tours are also offered on the same day as school matinees and can be coordinated with a variety of other types of campus visits.  Visual arts tours are geared to the educational needs and interests of the participating group, and are conducted by community volunteers and/or university students who serve as docents.

Artist Visits and Residencies for University Students and in K-12 Schools

Through these activities, students are provided with opportunities for meaningful interaction with professional artists. We take every opportunity to maximize educational outreach through hands-on experiences with professional artists by hosting guest lectures in the university classroom, as well as visits to K-12 schools in neighboring communities.  Other activities include master-classes, residencies, lecture-demonstrations, and visual arts projects led by visiting artists.

Special Events

Events such as “Art Bash,” “Tuesdays at the Turchin” and “Blazing Easels” offer fun and creative opportunities for students to engage in meaningful interaction with artists and members of the campus arts community.

Visual Arts Workshops

Our Community Arts School offers opportunities for K-12 and university students to take advantage of classes, workshops and studio space to learn, explore and create visual art. These opportunities, including Lunch and Learn sessions, are offered throughout the year to groups of all ages.

See for an up-to-date list of available workshops.

Christy Chenausky
Director of Arts Education and Outreach
Arts and Cultural Programs
Appalachian State University
828.262.6084 ext. 109